Bulk SMS, started as a minor marketing service, now transformed into huge vast giant marketing strategy – Bulk SMS is now listed in the top marketing and communication building business strategy. Almost every part of the world is using the Bulk SMS to marketize or to establish communication between the people and the enterprise.

Why Bulk SMS?

Why Bulk SMS? Well why not? Bulk SMS is a way you can establish connection with the right people. Almost 90% of the people use mobile devices and from the 90%, 86% do read every content that is displayed in their mobiles. People who find relative get back to the message sender whereas the others trash it. In this way an enterprise can build connections with the people who are interested and relative to their products. For instance think of this – is it good to invest money in the area where the leads are become part of expenditures? Or is it good to invest money where it not only generates leads but also covers up your investment?

And that is What Bulk SMS can do, with the proper usage of the BULK SMS you not just create revenue but also you can fill up the investment spaces. Comparing to other marketing and communication techniques BULK SMS is one of the finest and affordable ways of doing business

About US

Bulk SMS Service Providers Hyderabad provides latest SMS packages at very affordable prices for small to medium enterprises aimed. As you all know that SMS communication is now the major marketing route that is tailored to meet the requirements of an enterprise.

The concept of bulk SMS has been around a while but, unlike other service providers packages. We provide personalized two-way of communication possible. With 24/7 support and integration of the databases for each user and we have made the automatic scheduling of future SMS possible. And each delivery has the history of communication stored on the database.


With the favorable costs -- Now we have reached a milestone where our clients who once were the small companies, are no longer the same but are now transformed to medium - high enterprises and all that has made possible by the proper marketing strategies and the usage of Bulk SMS. And our automating SMS tasks handlers i.e servers make your time for more productivity and efficiency of the enterprise.

Why Only Us?

Although there are tons of services available in the market whose promises seem very attractive when compared to our company. But what we differ in is the capability of delivering the work rather than the words. We rely on reputation we never try to attract clients with promises that are not possible to implement but we try to minimize the pricing weight and provide best out of the least. And as per our records no one, not even one from our client’s list has opted for any outside services after coming to us, because we don’t just provide the best Bulk SMS services, but we build a relationship that is based on the trust which in deed an unbreakable one.

Transactional SMS @12ps

Promotional SMS @10ps

with 100% Delivery and Live Reports.